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Continuous Research and Development Grounded on experience and technology accumulated for more than 20 years, we’ll continue to develop and research new technology in order to meet your various requests. We manufacture from PET RESIN, through PREFORM, to BOTTLE.

About Us

One of the Oldest Pet Bottle and Jar Manufacturers in India. Was Established In 1989 with Its First Plant in Kurali (Dist. Ropar) 25 Km. from Chandigarh .The Second Plant was commissioned at Surajpur, Greater Noida In 1992. Presently all operations are undertaken at its Plant in Malpur, Baddi, Himanchal Pradesh.

Realizing the potential of a food grade and recyclable polymer as versatile as PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate), Jauss Polymers Limited successfully ventured in the field of manufacturing of all types of PET bottles, containers, jars etc using advanced Injection Stretch Blow Molding(ISBM) technology.. One of the oldest PET Bottle and Jar Manufacturers in India. Jauss Polymers Established in 1989 with its first plant in Kurali (Dist. Ropar) 25 Km from Chandigarh.

The Second Plant was started in Surajpur Greater Noida in 1992. We Have 5 ISBM Machines Of ASB Nissie, Japan, ranging From Model ASB 250 to the latest 70 DPH; We Are primarily using all injection Molds Of Nissie and a variety of blow shell molds to manufacture different Neck Sizes like 25mm. 28mm., 60mm., 83mm., 100mm.,And 120mm. and in Various Weight Ranges From 12gm. to 160gm in different Shapes and Sizes. Besides This We Have Been Pioneers in Undertaking Special Projects Of Weight Reduction in Wide Mouth Containers. For Joyco we experimented successfully in reducing the Weight Of their 1.5 Litre Jar From 52gm. to 35.5gm. The first Mold was developed at Nissie, Japan and has already delivered Over 20 Million Jars to the customer. Since 2001 we re-located Our Noida Plant to Baddi with 5 Machines and Are Fully Dedicated to Supply Joyco (Wrigley) Their Full Requirement of over 2 million PET Jars per Month.

We are One Of The Oldest Pet Bottle And Jar Manufacturers In India The worldwide preference of PET resin in manufacturing containers has opened a plethora of packaging options for almost all industries like pharmaceuticals, beverages, confectionery, personal care, liquor etc. We work with customers in these industries to create functional, attractive and cost-effective packaging to meet their needs We Are Also Involved in Development and Use of PP And PC by Stretch Blow Molding Process on Nissie Machines